Certified Spiritual Life Coaching
...The Holistic Approach
As a Board Certified Spiritual Life Coach, I have been
extensively trained to help people to create permanent
behavioral change in their lives. Using 54 clinically proven
exercises, I facilitate powerful self-awakening processes that
allow my clients to experience their full potential by
overcoming limiting beliefs that held them back.  I've had the
pleasure to gently guide my clients to get in touch with their
'core negative beliefs' created in childhood as a response to
real or perceived traumas, or from not getting their emotional
dependency needs met.

These limiting beliefs block the ability to find the joy, love and
fulfilment of their heart's desire.  As people begin to
recognize repetitive unpleasant patterns in their
lives,(paradigm shifts like divorce)  they seek answers about
how to break the cycle - how to empower themselves to
implement their enlightened concepts that previously were
intellectualized, but not emotionalized.
Dropping from the head to the heart and FEELING is key.

Energy release and core negative belief discovery can be
done in a relatively short period of time versus years in old
world methods. It requires that one be introspective, willing to
take responsibility, and be committed to the work of
Self-Mastery. However, to do this work, one must first
accept that
their beliefs create their life experiences, and
have an genuine understanding that all people are
inherently divine. Namaste' !!


My coaching credentials are accredited by the American
Association of Drugless Practitioners. Self-Mastery sessions
focus on Heart centered Self- Parenting and Limiting
Program removal.

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AS A SELF-MASTERED ADULT... If I don't learn how to fulfill my emotional dependency
needs, then I'll never feel safe, sane, and secure in the world; For I'll always have to look to
others to tell me who I am.

If I don't expect emotional intimacy, I am saying that..."I'm Ok with you being emotionally
distant from me!" and I'll distance myself for fear of rejection.

If I don't demonstrate unconditional love for my Self, I am showing people that "I'm not worthy
of receiving love, nor your benefit of the doubt!" If I don't demand respect I'll give people
permission to treat me disrespectfully; For I teach people how to treat me by the way I treat

If I don't use my adult powers, I'll fall prey to my own "child-like" ego defenses; and the walls I
build will keep out the love I seek.

If I don't maturely defend my boundaries with my adult powers, then people will "trespass" me
just like they did when I was a powerless child!

If I don't give my Self permission to be myself, then people will "mold me" into who they want
me to be, taking me further away from the light of my real Self and closer to the darkness of
my "persona" (mask).

If I don't learn to validate and release my feelings, then my feelings will create dis-ease within
me; for a dis-ease is a perfect creation; a negative feeling made manifest.

If I beat my Self up when I "act out" with "less than perfect" behavior, then I am affirming that, "I
am my behavior" and not a child of God.

If I'm not willing to practice my Self-parenting skills until they become a part of my
consciousness, then when life "tests" me I'll attempt to protect my Self using immature,
childlike, ego-based methods.

If I don't "respond with ability" to make my life emotionally, sexually, and physically Safe, Sane,
and Secure, Then I'll live a life of "quiet desperation," Comfortable in my "uncomfortable-ness"
and fearful of life's opportunities, unable to fulfill my divine birthright, a life worthy of a child of

Life is good, live it well.
Love all, serve all.
Laugh like your life depends on it!!

Favorite Mantras:
Om Namah Christaya
Om Tara Tutara, Ture So Ham
Om Namah Shiva, Shiva Om Namah
Om Mani Padme Om
Om Satchitananda Moola Mantra
Empowering the awakened....